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How Restaurants Can Use Sneeze Guards Effectively

By February 11, 2021 No Comments
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Sneeze guards for restaurants help ensure the safety of both the guests and the restaurant servers, as well as the cooks and the rest of the staff. Food guards have always been a fantastic safety tool for establishments that have a raw bar or a salad bar, but these days, restaurant and bakery sneeze guards are absolutely essential for all food-service establishments. Keeping a restaurant open is important for the livelihood of everyone who works there, but it’s equally important to do your due diligence to ensure all staff and patrons are adequately protected while visiting or working.

Front of the House

There are several places to put sneeze guards for restaurants, beginning with the front of the house. When people come in and greet the host or hostess to ask about reservations or request a table, they’re quite close. Consider installing a sneeze guard on the host’s station for protection.

Around the Tables

Restaurant and bakery sneeze guards can protect patrons as well as servers and other staff members. Ensure the safety of both by placing sneeze guards around the booths and tables within the restaurant. Not only will these partitions act as safety measures, but they can also create a bit of appreciated intimacy for the guests.

Where Food Is Served

Some restaurants have raw bars, salad bars, and other open areas where food is available. Food guards are imperative here. They will keep people from touching the food with their bare hands or breathing on items that other people may want to eat.

Purchasing sneeze guards for your restaurant is a necessary step in today’s world. Polymershapes can fabricate all types of customized sneeze guards and other plastic barriers to suit your establishment’s unique needs. Call us today to talk about fabricating sneeze guards for your restaurant.

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