Packaging plastic is a game-changer and a lifesaver in the conveying and packaging industry. Instead of replacing the parts in your packing machine with metal gaskets and gears, consider using a conveying plastic that does the job better. At Polymershapes, we’re all about plastic, but we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Continue reading to find out more about why plastic is a better choice for your production facility. Learn how making the switch from metal to plastic can please your consumers and lower your costs.

Why Plastic Is Better

Why should you go with plastic for a packaging facility? For starters, plastic can ensure that your machines operate at faster speeds, which means that consumers receive their products more quickly. That makes them happy, which will, in turn, inspire them to buy more. Worried that you’ll have to replace parts more frequently? Not so. Using plastic means that the parts won’t wear down over time the way metal does. Furthermore, it’s easy to fabricate and thermoform plastic to your exact specifications. Replacement parts are cost-effective, especially considering the durability and longevity of plastic.

Conveying plastic is also built to last. It can withstand abrasive conditions, which are often present around conveying equipment and job sites, such as mining operations, gravel quarries, and sandpits.

Plastic is found in several pieces of packaging and conveying equipment, including:

Several types of packaging plastic can be used in the equipment, such as PTFE, PEEK, PEI, polyurethane, ABS, and acetal, among others.

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