To get PVC in Los Angeles, you first have to think about the item or part you want to fabricate. Polymershapes specializes in PVC fabrications for a wide variety of applications and industries. We offer different types of PVC, which we can shape and transform using numerous methods and technologies. Let us teach you a bit about the different types of PVC and their most common applications.

PVC Acrylic

If you’re looking for aerospace-grade PVC in or around Los Angeles, then you may benefit from PVC Acrylic. It’s a PVC sheet that’s fire-rated, high-impact, and thermoformable, which makes it ideal for aerospace components and industrial construction.

It comes in an array of grades and textures that can be resistant to flames, smoke, and toxicity. The material has a chemical resistance on its own and, as mentioned, it can stand up to forceful impacts.

Expanded Foam PVC

Extended Foam PVC fabrication is better suited for graphic material and signage. It’s a durable material that rigidly holds its shape, yet it’s also lightweight. Fabricating it is fast and easy, as well, making it a cost-effective choice.

Consider Extended Foam PVC for POP booths and displays, as well as large templates and film props. It’s made to last, as well. Interior PVC displays can be installed for the long-term. However, you can also cut it, nail it, paint it, and otherwise change its appearance.

Industrial PVC

Polymershapes offers various types of industrial PVC in the Los Angeles area, as well. Used for commercial purposes, industrial PVC is a thermoplastic. PVC Type I, PVC Type II, and CPCV are all industrial commercial PVC materials.

Commercial and industrial-grade PVC can handle brutal weather conditions. It doesn’t corrode or break down over time. Because it can withstand so much, it’s often found used in the food and beverage industry, medical packaging, machine shops, chemical processing, and even the construction of tanks. PVC can be shaped into any form, but it can stand up to welding, as well.

Find someone you trust to fabricate PVC in the Los Angeles area. Rely on Polymershapes to assist you in choosing the right type of PVC for your application. Schedule a consultation with us today to go over your project, your vision, and your budget.