Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is an amorphous plastic, meaning it mixes well with other materials. It’s also a thermoplastic, making it easy to mold and shape through thermoforming. There are three different classifications of PVC based on the range of their continuous use temperatures. You can choose between type I PVC, type II PVC, or industrial CPVC.

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Industries That Rely on CPVC and PVC Fabrication

While PVC is commonly (and rightly) associated with pipes, it’s also commonly used in applications like window frames, cable insulation, roof lining, car seats, safety equipment, and clothing like shoes and boots.

You’ll find industrial PVC and CPVC used by many industries with a variety of common applications. Here’s a closer look at these industries and examples of how they depend on PVC.

  • Food and Beverage Industry: PVC is popular in the food and beverage industry to prepare and process items. You’ll also find PVC used to efficiently distribute condiments, sauces, and liquids.
  • Chemical Industry: Chemical processing companies rely on PVC pipe fabrication to use die cutters, gaskets, gears, and seals.
  • Medical Industry: The medical industry heavily relies on PVC and CPVC for safe and durable packaging, including blood bags and medication containers. Medical companies also rely on PVC or CPVC for catheters, medical gloves, inflatable splints, and overshoes.
  • Electrical Industry: Companies in the electrical industry use PVC to create durable enclosures for power grids and electrical boxes, tanks, and thermoformers.
  • Construction Industry: PVC and CPVC are often used to construct pipes resistant to underground roots and to reduce water flow resistance. Additionally, PVC is often used for plumbing purposes.
A collection of fabricated PVC pipes holding hoses

The Many Benefits of PVC and CPVC

Industrial PVC and CPVC offer an array of benefits, which is why these materials are so in-demand.

  • Chemical-Resistant: PVC material can withstand exposure to many chemicals and similar substances, such as alkalis, acids, solutions containing salt, and certain corrosive chemicals.
  • Extremely Durable: Industrial PVC offers high-impact strength and stiffness.
  • Superior Electrical Insulation: The dielectric strength of PVC makes it a great option for electrical cables, wires, and cable coverings.
  • Protection Against Corrosion: Unlike iron pipes, PVC pipe is resistant to both water and corrosion.

Plus, Type I PVC, type II PVC, and CPVC are adept at electric insulation and have a low rating for flammability. However, CPVC is best known for having a high heat distortion temperature paired with low moisture absorption.

Industrial PVC pipes

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