Bullet-resistant plastic can resist more than just bullets. It’s also capable of withstanding the wind, the rain, and unexpected blasts. Even better, the polycarbonate used to create bulletproof enclosures and windows is versatile. In addition to windows, polycarbonate can be used to create security features, doors, and other enclosures. You can also use the material for glazing, which offers a layer of protection. To understand the potential of Insulgard and Lexan for bullet resistance, reach out to Polymershapes.

The Advantage of Blast-Resistant Materials

Bullet-resistant plastic is a solid choice for a variety of projects, such as security windows and transaction windows, doors, drawers, and even drive-through devices. You can use it to create safety guards in gas stations and restaurants, plus it’s the material of choice for security glass, mirrors, windows, and vehicle glass. For example, Lexan bullet-resistant plastic is ideal for windshields and windows and armored vehicles, as well as golf carts. It is also perfect for government and commercial buildings, and any other location that might be exposed to ballistic threats.

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