Expanded foam PVC is the top choice for an array of applications. It’s versatile enough to work for graphics and signage. That’s primarily because expanded PVC, or closed-cell polyvinyl chloride, is durable, tough, and can stand up to the weather and the elements. This makes it ideal for outdoor and indoor use. It’s also lightweight, which in turn makes it a breeze to fabricate.

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Highly Versatile, Efficient, and Durable

Expanded foam PVC is a popular material in various industries due to its unique physical properties and numerous practical benefits. It’s highly versatile, lightweight, cost-effective, and has excellent durability, making it a preferred choice in fields such as construction, signage, visual arts, and more. Here are some of the key advantages of using this type of PVC:

  • Versatility in Forming: This PVC is known for its malleability and flexibility. This allows it to be easily molded into various shapes and sizes. Designers, engineers, and craftsmen can utilize this feature to create custom designs and complex forms, enhancing the creative and functional possibilities of their projects.
  • Excellent Lamination Properties: The smooth surface of expanded foam PVC makes it perfect for lamination. Whether it’s adhering to a decorative layer, creating protective surfaces, or enhancing visual appeal, PVC’s ability to bond effectively with different materials makes it suitable for diverse lamination requirements.
  • Suitability for Painting: This type of PVC is highly paintable, with excellent adhesion properties. This means it can be coated with different types of paint and maintain vibrant color and sheen for a long time. Whether it’s for aesthetic purposes or additional protection, painting on PVC is an effortless process with great results.
  • Compatibility with Printing: Expanded foam PVC is widely used in the signage and graphic arts industry because it supports high-quality printing. It can withstand the application of various printing methods such as digital, screen, and litho printing. This results in clear, vivid images and text, making it an excellent material for promotional displays, signage, and other graphic applications.
  • Excellent for Vinyl Lettering: This foam PVC is an ideal base for vinyl lettering due to its smooth and receptive surface. Whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use, vinyl lettering adheres strongly to PVC, ensuring the longevity and visibility of the letters.

Applying the Qualities of Expanded Foam PVC

Expanded foam PVC is known for its lightweight yet rigid structure, making it easy to cut, bend, shape, drill, or saw. It’s resistant to many elements, including water, chemicals, and UV light, which adds to its longevity. Ready to discuss your foam PVC fabrication needs? Choose from a wide range of colors and thicknesses to suit your applications and call us to request a quote.

Common Applications

When you need PVC in Los Angeles, Polymershapes is your go-to expert. We have foam PVC that works in numerous applications. It’s often used in building and construction but is also perfect for cabinetry and countertop templates. Consider using foam PVC for your electric signs, non-printed signage, trade show booths, POP displays, and movie studios. Learn more about expanded foam PVC and how we can fabricate the perfect material for your foam PVC manufacturing needs. Contact Polymershapes.