Acetal plastic sheets go by many names. One such name is polyoxymethylene, or POM for short. You may also recognize it by one of its trade names, including Delrin or Acetron. Because this material is stiff and strong, it’s often used in engineering-grade products. Below, you’ll find out more about acetal plastic properties to get you familiar with the material. If you want to use this material in your next project, contact Polymershapes for expert-level acetal fabrication.

The Toughness of Acetal Plastic Sheets

Acetal has an impressive continuous-use temperature range that allows it to withstand temperatures as high as 180 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, acetal sheets tend to machine easily, allowing fabricators to mold and shape them in a variety of ways. That makes acetal plastic the perfect pick for complicated parts with tighter tolerances.

The Long Haul

We can’t talk about the most outstanding acetal plastic properties without discussing this plastic’s low friction coefficient. It wears well, primarily because it’s not sensitive to moisture, even in damp areas. Acetal also holds up to liquids, such as harsh solvents and abrasive cleaning chemicals. Acetal fabrication additionally provides your business with material that lasts in wetter and hotter environments.

The properties of acetal plastics lend themselves well to a variety of applications. Aerospace and automotive projects are common. Acetal is also beneficial when used in manufacturing heavy equipment, gears, gaskets, seals, valves, tubing, and chemical processing.

What Polymershapes Can Offer

Polymershapes supplies a wide array of acetal products, including plastic sheets, hexagonal rods, square rods, standard rods, and tubes. We also offer acetal from well-known trade names in the industry, including Acetron.

Beyond that, we can also offer different acetal grades, such as copolymer or homopolymer. Our selection also includes general-purpose, glass-filled, metal-detectable, PTFE-filled, static dissipative, and unfilled acetal.

Learn more about the potential of acetal fabrication and the versatility of acetal plastic sheets and other shapes by getting in touch with Polymershapes today.

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