CAD/CAM Programming

The CAD design services at Polymershapes are second-to-none. We understand the potential of polycarbonate plastic materials, and our expert team of designers possesses the creativity and knowledge to bring to life the perfect design.

Plastics are everywhere. They’re in everything, no matter what the industry. The prevalence of plastic means that consumers demand a certain aesthetic from the plastic products they buy and use. Plastic parts can be molded to a high-quality standard by focusing on correct part design, material selection, and proper processing. Polymershapes can help plastics designers create quality molded parts that maximize performance and are cost-effective.

With that in mind, you can trust Polymershapes with all of your plastic part design needs.

Using CAD/CAM Programming to Transform Plastic

CAD, or computer-aided design, offers an excellent way to experiment with the shaping and transformation of polycarbonate polymers. CAM, or computer-aided manufacturing, allows us to develop and mass-produce the desired shapes and designs in accordance with your volume and deadline requirements. At Polymershapes, our CAD design services give us the opportunity to experiment with a variety of designs to come up with exactly what you need.

Using the tools at our disposal and the design know-how of our skilled team, we utilize CAD/CAM programming to create design prototypes and blueprints according to your specifications—and then bring them to life. As we strive to create the plastic part(s) you require, we also focus on choosing the best materials and the correct processing methods.

How Polymershapes Can Assist You

When you have an idea for a new product or concept, you can get in touch with us to brainstorm your ideas. Detail precisely what you’re looking for and what you need your plastic part to do. We’ll take over from there.

Our plastic part design process includes our CAD services. An expert designer will take your idea and create a workup based on your specifications, including measurements and recommendations for the plastic materials you should use.

It is our goal to create a design idea that will maximize the performance of your part. We also work to provide plastic parts that are not only affordable but cost-effective. Down the line, that will allow you to benefit from maximum profits.

Once you’re pleased with the design, we can help you take your project to the next step as well. After making the most of our CAD design services, you can rely on Polymershapes to bring your creation to life.

When you’re in need of plastic part design, we’re here to assist you. Find out more about our CAD design services. Get in touch with Polymershapes today.

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