Plastic parts have advantages over metal. Using plastic to create the small, integral parts and the essential components is the smart choice for automotive manufacturers and their customers. Opting for plastic car parts designed by a knowledgeable, skilled plastic distributor is the way forward. Polymershapes is a leader in our industry. You can use our CAD services to design your plastic part, then we can discuss the best method of forming the piece and what type of plastic to use.

The Benefit of Plastic Automobile Parts

The advantages of using automotive plastic parts are many and varied. One benefit is that plastic can be manipulated and formed into a myriad of shapes and sizes. From molds for the interior of the car to core components on the outside, you can rely on different types of plastic for a variety of vehicle parts.

For example, you can ask about using polycarbonate plastics to form the windshield of a car. Polycarbonate, or PC, is also a popular choice for headlights and car mirrors due to its durability, resilience, and clear quality.

Plastic car parts are beneficial because they’re lighter than metal parts. That leads to a vehicle that weighs less overall. A lighter car uses less gas, which can save the consumer a small fortune in fuel consumption costs. Fuel efficiency is also one of the primary considerations that people focus on when they want to buy a new vehicle.

Although you hear a lot of talk about “the good old days” of cars built like tanks, automobiles made of heavy, strong metal are hardly the best option anymore. Metal degrades and rusts, and it’s expensive to manufacture metal replacement parts. For aerodynamics, efficiency, and safety, heavy metal materials are increasingly poor choices for car manufacturing as well.

In contrast, plastic lasts longer and it’s not as expensive to reproduce automotive plastic parts. That’s good news for manufacturers, designers, and everyday folks who just want a reliable and efficient mode of transportation that’s just as safe.

Many types of plastic are resistant to heat and impact, making them a safer option for plastic car parts. That’s the reason that plastic is the go-to choice for car mirrors, headlights, and windshields. They won’t shatter on impact.

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