Membrane switches are among the most common elements that you come across every day, and in a variety of areas. They are a crucially important component in the machinery and technology that you use in both your day-to-day business dealings and personal life.

Polymershapes can help you and your business with the fabrication of membrane switches at every step of the way. To learn more about these essential switches and how we can assist you with their fabrication, keep reading.

The Value of Membrane Switches

You use a membrane switch each time you use the keyboard on your computer or laptop. If you have ever programmed your microwave oven, a switch may have been involved in that. Every time you push a button on your remote control, tap your smartwatch, or stop to get gas in your vehicle, you’re making use of a membrane switch.

To put it simply, these switches act as a protective barrier for the all-important control mechanism in an appliance or a piece of technology. The switch turns the device on and off by connecting and disconnecting the device’s two poles when the switch is “flipped” by the user. As mentioned above, the switch can be flipped through the stroke of a key or a tap on a touchscreen.

A switch of this type protects the control mechanism from environmental elements that could damage them or interfere with the way it works. Those potentially damaging elements include contaminants like moisture and soil. Membrane switches are therefore particularly necessary in settings where the control mechanism is at high risk of exposure to hazards such as chemicals or other elements.

We can help your business by fabricating membrane switches from PET film, or polyethylene terephthalate film. PET is the best material to use because it boasts an impressive tensile strength and is available in varying degrees of thickness. PET is also resistant to both chemicals and electrical insulation.

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