Printable magnetic sheeting is just what you need to advertise your business, company, product, or project with the help of a promotional magnet. It’s also perfect for creating automotive graphics. Our magnetic materials are available in rolls as well as sheets, which gives you the freedom to choose exactly what you need. Magnetic sheeting with adhesive is another option. Whether you’re interested in plastic-coated magnets or graphics for the company van, Polymershapes can get you sorted.

Magnet Receptive Media

Go with Polymershapes when you need printable magnetic sheeting. We’re proud to offer Signetics™ magnetic receptive media that comes from Ultraflex. The media is durable, and the edges won’t chip. Cleaning it is easy. The materials feature an optimized face-film, which ensures that the ink will adhere perfectly. They have a neutral white point as well as a smooth black surface that can eliminate any blemishes or scratches. Better still, they work well with eco-solvent inks, solvent inks, and UV inks.

The Polymershapes Advantage

We’re equipped to handle everything you need regarding magnetic materials. In addition to magnetic sheeting on which you can print, we also offer magnetic sheeting with adhesive backing. Some magnetics are capable of double-sided printing. You get twice the graphics and you can effortlessly change the graphics with a quick flip, which cuts down on the cost of freight, installation, and materials. Think about the possibilities for plastic-coated magnets, promotional materials, and automobile graphics that won’t damage or alter the vehicle.

We have conveniently located centers across the United States. Give us a call to talk about why you need printable magnetic sheeting and the scope of your project.