You may know Polyamide-imide by its industry names, which include Duratron® and Torlon®. The PAI plastic is what’s known as an extreme performance material. In addition to being a thermoplastic, PAI is also an imidized plastic material. It can withstand continuous use temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Because PAI is perfect for service environments in severe conditions, you can rest assured that it can easily handle mild and even moderate environments, as well. Polymershapes is happy to answer any questions you have about PAI. Get to know the thermoplastic a bit better, then book a consultation with us.

What Makes PAI a Top Choice

One of the biggest benefits of Polyamide-imide is its durability in the face of harsh conditions. Along with its ability to handle high temperatures, it has a high strength and an impressive resistance to wear, in general. High-stress conditions won’t affect it, nor will chemicals such as acids and organics. Because it doesn’t creep, it won’t lose its shape and structure as easily or as quickly as other plastics. The material is versatile in another way, as well. It’s available as a rod, sheet, or tube, and it’s easy to customize in all of its forms.

Where to Use PAI

PAI plastic is particularly useful in electrical applications. That’s due to its overall durability and its thermal resistance. Those traits also make it a smart choice for the aerospace and automotive industries. Thanks to its chemical resistance, it’s a prized material in chemical processing. Since PAI is long-lasting, it’s often used in oil and gas applications.

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