Aluminum composite material (ACM) is a durable material that works well when used in many applications.

ACM consists of two pre-finished aluminum sheets. These sheets bond to a strong polyethylene core between the aluminum. Together, the aluminum-plastic composite results in a rigid sheet that provides durability and strength.

As one of the nation’s leading plastic fabrication companies, Polymershapes often works with these composites. Let us show you the properties of aluminum composite material. You’ll also learn what makes this material beneficial.

Beneficial Reasons to Choose Aluminum Composite Materials

aluminum composite materials in architecture

Aluminum composite material offers many advantages. That’s why you’ll find many industries relying on this material.
Some of ACM’s main benefits include:

  • Lightweight: While fabrication companies use aluminum sheets to create ACM, it’s much lighter than aluminum. For example, it can be both roll-formed and routed.
  • Superior Rigidity: The rigidity of this material makes it able to withstand almost anything.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use: Because it’s so durable and resistant to many elements, aluminum-plastic composite is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Holds It Shape: You’ll also find that ACM will not bow or become misshapen. In other words, there’s no oil canning.
  • Low-Maintenance: Understandably, most companies don’t want materials that are hassles to clean and maintain. Fortunately, it’s easy to keep ACM looking new.
  • Printable: It’s also possible to digitally or screen print on aluminum composite materials. Your company can have an out-of-this-world point-of-purchase (POP) display or signage with ACM.
  • Versatile: Fabricators can mold and transform ACM into almost any shape or design. Because of that, this material has few design-related limitations.

Applications for Aluminum-Plastic Composite

aluminum composite material used in a parking garage

ACM has numerous applications from many companies. Some businesses use aluminum composite material for its clarity – others want it available in an array of vibrant and bold colors. There’s also the fact that ACM is more inexpensive and damage-resistant than similar materials.

Here are some of ACM’s common applications:

  • Signage: Companies from all walks of life depend on signage. Whether for promotional or informational purposes, businesses often use non-printed and digital signs from ACM.
  • Walls and Partitions: Movie studios, sound stages, and trade shows often utilize ACM. This low-cost material provides durability and an easy way to split up large spaces.
  • Kiosks: Whether you want customers to see your latest products or speak to an employee, kiosks are great to have. If you need low-cost kiosks, ACM is an option worth considering.
  • Sound Barriers: Metropolitan areas often include rising skyscrapers. While beautiful, these structures often contribute to noise pollution. ACM serves as a sound-absorbing material to reduce unwanted noise.

Industries worldwide depend on ACM. Transportation companies often place aluminum composite panels inside vehicles to keep these automobiles easy to clean. You’ll also find ACM used to create lightweight vessels, including cruise ships and yachts.

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