Polymershapes equips architects, designers, construction professionals, and other industry leaders with premium-grade plastic wall covering materials. Our fabricated plastics are strong, flexible, lightweight, and adherent to the most stringent fire regulations. Depending on your industry and design needs, we can equip you with wall covering materials that are chemical-resistant, abrasion-resistant, impact-resistant, or designed for extremely low moisture absorption—many of our best plastics offer all of these qualities and more.

Our Plastic Wall Covering Options

There are a number of plastics that we might recommend for your plastic wall covering needs. Aluminum sheets are available in custom colors so you don’t need to paint, and they can be tailored to your precise specifications.

PVC fabrication is another popular plastic wall covering. We offer aerospace-grade PVC acrylic as well as ultra-heavy-duty industrial PVC. From aluminum composite materials to various grades of high-density polyethylene, we have the plastics you need to deliver the result you’re seeking.

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