Plastic Fabrication for Hundreds of Applications

Polymershapes is a custom plastic fabrication company for high-quality products and parts with quick turnarounds at competitive prices. Our plastic fabrication supports hundreds of applications, from automotive and aerospace parts to point-of-purchase displays.

Talk to an expert about your project and see why we’re the premier source for plastic fabrication services in the Los Angeles area. We can help you determine which material and fabrication process will deliver the performance you need at the right cost.

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car dashboard showing automotive plastic part fabrication

Automotive Plastic Parts

Choose plastic automotive parts over metal to enhance the durability and longevity of vehicle parts. Plastic parts can be molded into any shape and, unlike their metal equivalents, they will not corrode or rust over time.

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custom fabricated polycarbonate plastic

Polycarbonate Fabrication

Thanks to its ability to mimic the transparency of glass, withstand impact and pressure, and be thermoformed into any shape, polycarbonate is a versatile type of plastic used in many industries. Our experts are ready to fabricate custom polycarbonate plastic parts for your project.

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industrial pvc acrylic pipes

PVC Fabrication

PVC acrylic, expanded foam PVC, industrial PVC – explore the different types of PVC available at Polymershapes. Learn how applications for PVC fabrication can meet the needs of your project, including point-of-purchase (POP) displays and industrial applications such as oil and gas.

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hand reaching through an acrylic glass window

Acrylic Fabrication

Acrylic is one of the most sought-after plastics because of the ease with which it is molded and shaped to fit many specific requirements. Acrylic is lighter and more durable than glass. Learn how our custom plastic fabrication services can create acrylic parts perfect for your application.

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custom plastic fabrication process

Plastic Fabrication

Our plastic fabrication services are unequaled among our competitors. We can cut, manipulate, thermoform, and otherwise shape plastic tubes, sheets, and rods into any shape you need. Our fabrication is precise to ensure you get the correct size and design every time.

Our custom plastic fabrication can be used to create products and parts suitable for hundreds of applications, from machinery parts, to greenhouses, to construction components.

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cnc laser cutting plastic

CNC/Laser Processing

CNC stands for Computerized Numerical Control. CNC production saws are available for custom plastic fabrication in all of our facilities, as well as many of our partner branches. It’s the best method for plastic pieces that need a tight tolerance. It can also help you to meet strict deadlines.

CNC Laser Processing allows us to stack numerous pieces of sheeting and cut through them at once. This helps ensure a quick turnaround and guarantees that each piece or shape is identical. CNC is the go-to technique for laser cutting, engraving, and routing in custom plastic fabrication.

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thermoformed plastic bins


When you need your plastic pieces molded into whole specific shapes, thermoforming is the best option. During the thermoforming process, we heat the plastic sheet to the point where it’s pliable, allowing us to shape and stretch it to fit your specifications.

Thermoformed materials are excellent for applications that need to be water-tight. We can fabricate custom thermoformed plastics in high volumes with quick turnaround times, so reach out to us for help determining if thermoforming is best for your application.

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cad design for custom plastic fabrication

CAD Design & Programming

CAD Design and Programming is another plastic fabrication service we offer. A Computer-Aided Design (CAD) file is the blueprint your products or parts will be made with. Our materials experts will help design it, help you choose the best material, and help determine the ideal fabrication process for the best product at the lowest cost. From design to production, you can rely on our custom plastic fabrication services to create high-quality molds that guarantee optimal performance.

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