Sneeze Guards and Face Shields

Plastic sneeze guards can help you to adapt to our rapidly changing environment, especially if you need solutions for ensuring the protection of your customers and employees. Polymershapes is committed to providing you with the materials and turnkey solutions to help partition and contain your environment, from retail and customer service counters, to manufacturing production floors. We offer conventional retail sneeze guards, as well as sneeze guards with pass-through properties.

See-Through Plastics for Barriers and Partitions

Polymershapes offers a variety of clear plastics that are perfect for barriers and partitions to protect the health and wellness of your employees and customers! From crystal-clear acrylic, to high-impact polycarbonate, we have the solutions suited to your needs. Polymershapes can cut clear plastic sneeze guards to the size you need for your space; we also offer custom routing.

Ready-to-Install Customer Service “Sneeze Guard” Barriers

If you need a ready-to-install solution, Polymershapes offers standard “sneeze guards” that are quick and simple to install. Perfect for retail and customer-service counters, protecting the health and wellness of your employees and customers with a high clarity acrylic shield, and pass-through area. With just three screws, this retail sneeze guard installs right to your existing countertop, fitting between registers, or multiples can be used to create a longer partition.

Custom Retail and Customer Service Partition Solutions

Need a plastic sneeze guard barrier custom to your counter space? Polymershapes is ready to help you with the custom solution that is right for you! A longer partition? A sneeze guard with a pass-through area? No pass-through area? Portable sneeze guard? Just tell our team about your requirements, and we will help design a solution that helps protect your employees and patrons.

Anti-Microbial Plastics and Sanitary Surface Solutions

To ensure the health and wellness of your employees and customers, you need easy to maintain and disinfect surfaces for your business. Polymershapes offers both anti-microbial plastic sheets, and easy to disinfect and sanitize plastic. Get in touch with us to discuss your plastic sneeze guard options.

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