From plastic beverage containers to other types of food packaging, Polymershapes is the expert you deserve for your fabrication needs. Plastic materials are commonly used in various aspects of preparation and processing for foods and beverages. However, thermoforming food packaging requires certain certifications. To be used with food or beverages, plastic must be either FDA certified, NSF certified, USDA certified, or 3-A Dairy certified. Those certifications are imperative because they are food-safe, meaning that people can eat or drink packaged goods without worrying about their health.

Chemical Resistance

It’s vital to consider a plastic’s chemical resistance when it comes to creating plastic beverage containers and food packaging. In fact, it’s one of the most important properties thanks to the use of CIP, or clean-in-place; COP, or clean-out-of-place; and SIP, or sterilization-in-place. Again, it’s important to ensure that the plastic used in food and beverage packaging is safe.

Plastics vs. Metal

Thermoforming food packaging has several advantages over metal packaging. For one thing, thermoforming allows for a much higher machine speed. Plastic is lightweight, allowing for fast production speeds. For the same reason, it takes less energy to thermoform plastic packaging.

Popular Applications

In addition to creating plastic beverage containers and food containers, you can turn to plastics for an array of essential applications within the food and beverage industry. You may need plastic tubing, for example, which is ideal for the handling of fluids. Consider HDPE or Polypropylene if you want to manufacture cutting boards. For wear strips on bottles and canning lines, you can opt for UHMW, which encourages fast machine speeds and cuts down on upkeep and repairs.

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