You can find ABS sheets for sale no matter what your project. ABS, or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, is one of the thermoplastics, so it lends itself well to forming and molding. Although it’s technically a “standard” material, we think that it’s extraordinary. In addition to its general toughness, it’s also resistant to powerful impacts, making it ideal for safety and security. We also love working with it because it’s so easy to fabricate. Thermoforming ABS is a breeze. Let us share some properties of the plastic, then you can decide to make Polymershapes your premiere ABS plastic supplier.

The Versatility of ABS

One of the reasons we offer ABS sheets for sale is because of its versatility. Engineers, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and many others in the industry know-how valuable it is. The ease with which it can be fabricated is just the beginning.

Because ABS is a thermoplastic, it thermoforms like a dream. It boasts a continuous use temperature range of -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. The plastic reacts well to the heating and cooling processes that allow it to be formed into an array of shapes and sizes.

Practical Applications of ABS

As leading ABS plastic suppliers, we understand what ABS is capable of at Polymershapes. It can be used to create almost anything. In manufacturing, it’s durable and tough enough to be used in pipe systems for draining and waste management. However, it’s also well-suited to musical instruments, especially plastic ones such as clarinets and recorders. However, you can also find it inside of pianos, where ABS composes many small moving parts.

As you can imagine, that’s just the start. ABS is found in products ranging from computer keyboards to kitchen appliances, as well as toys and electrical enclosures.

Learn more about this amazing thermoplastic. Stick around and see what we have to offer. To ask about ABS sheets for sale, call Polymershapes today.

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