PPSU is an extraordinarily tough and durable amorphous polymer. It is able to provide some of the highest impact, X-ray, and chemical resistance out of any polymer, making it an incredible resource for medical and engineering purposes. As a highly respected PPSU manufacturer, PolymerShapes is able to provide your business with all the PPSU materials you need in a timely and efficient manner.

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Quality PPSU Materials Help Get Sensitive Jobs Done Right

When you order PPSU, you’re likely looking for an extremely tough material that can withstand your inflexible intended purpose. You need to ensure its quality and toughness by choosing a respected PPSU manufacturer.

PPSU can be easily colored and manipulated to suit highly technical needs. As a high-performance polymer, it has impressive resistance against high temperatures, radiation (gamma and X-rays), electricity, chemicals, hydrolysis, and impact. It can also be subjected to frequently repeated steam sterilization. As such, it is a phenomenally high-performance material that is easy to keep sterilized in medical and other sensitive settings.

PPSU is commonly used in:

PolymerShapes is well-equipped to manufacture plastics for even the most demanding medical and highly engineered industries, including in the applications above. We manufacture a wide variety of plastic products, so if this material doesn’t work for your application, we will likely be able to suggest a suitable alternative. From PVC to acrylics to polyethylene, we have your plastic fabrication needs covered.

A Long-Trusted PPSU Manufacturer

PolymerShapes has over 70 years of experience in plastic fabrication. Over the years, we’ve garnered the trust of our customers by committing to excellent service, fair prices, and innovative solutions that help your business succeed.

PolymerShapes’ impressive set of resources and large-scale PPSU manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce your product with a quick and efficient turnaround time. With our high fabrication standards and smart, hardworking team, we can deliver your product in a timely manner. Because we operate so efficiently and have so many resources at our disposal, we’re also able to offer you the most competitive prices in the industry. At PolymerShapes, your budget stretches further for the highest-quality result.

We pride ourselves on having the most knowledgeable customer service team in the industry. PPSU materials can be considered niche outside of the industry, but our team will be able to help you with all the ins and outs. When we give you a quote, we’ll have put our full thought and care into finding the right solution for your purposes and your budget.

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