Using plastic for heavy equipment fabrication ensures that your equipment will last. Plastic is an environmentally-friendly material that leaves less of a carbon footprint both in its creation and its applications. With the help of Polymershapes, you can use plastic in the manufacturing of any piece of heavy equipment, including backhoes, cranes, and excavators. Plastic has several advantages over metal. The bottom line is that plastic can save energy, money, and time. Let’s talk more about its benefits, then you can call us to talk about your expectations and goals.

Plastic Applications for Heavy Equipment

Many aspects of heavy equipment fabrication can involve plastic. Plastic can be used to create the gears and pieces in heavy equipment. Unlike metal, plastic does not erode. Because it’s less expensive to fabricate, replacement parts are also cheaper.

Plastic is more lightweight than metal, as well. That also impacts its cost during the manufacturing process. Not only that, but heavy equipment that relies on plastic parts tends to perform better because it doesn’t weigh as much. It’s thus beneficial to use plastic bearings, windshields, or other parts.

Plastic is a versatile material in heavy equipment fabrication. It can be used to craft the armrests in the vehicle, the door panels, and the cab lights. Since Polymershapes can form and mold plastic into any imaginable shape, it’s easy to tailor fabrication to your specifications. We can create specialized parts that you may not be able to find elsewhere.

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