PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone) is a high-performance engineering thermoplastic with excellent chemical and thermal resistance. It has a broad range of applications in both the commercial and industrial sectors. PEEK plastic is available in both sheet and rod form, making it an ideal choice for 3D printing. It’s resistant to high temperatures, durable, and ideal for high-pressure applications. At Polymershapes, we produce quality PEEK for all your fabrication and material processing needs.

Superior Properties for Demanding Applications

As an industrial-grade material, PEEK plastic features several unique properties that make it ideal for demanding applications. Whether you want to create prototypes or production parts, PEEK is an excellent choice for high-stress environments. Some of the superior properties that make PEEK plastic ideal for a wide range of applications include:

  • High strength and stiffness
  • Resistance to wear, creeping, and abrasion
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Superior dielectric strength
  • Insoluble in all common solvents

Polyether Ether Ketone can be machined, molded, and extruded to create parts with complex geometries. PEEK Plastic can also be used for 3D printing or additive manufacturing (AM), allowing you to produce fabricated parts on demand. These properties make PEEK an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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PEEK plastic applications are almost endless. Whether you need bulk fabrication supplies for automotive, aerospace, medical, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries or want a versatile material for complex processing industries like mining, milling, oil, and gas, PEEK can do it all. At Polymershapes, we can supply you with Polyether Ether Ketone for any size project. With over 70 years of industry-leading heritage, you can count on us to deliver quality materials at competitive prices with a quick turnaround.

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