We have much to offer in the way of RV construction materials, including plastics that make for a durable yet lightweight vehicle. In addition to plastics, Polymershapes offers an entire range of RV building materials, all of which are designed to ensure a superior RV. The variety of plastics we offer will astound you. We have materials that can take the place of traditional mechanical parts and structural pieces. Get to know more about our materials. Call us to talk about the scope of your project and the nature of your needs. You can request a quote and we can discuss your options.

Plastics and Other Materials for RVs

Using plastics as the bulk of your RV construction materials ultimately saves time, money, and the environment. Many of our plastics are recyclable. Plastic is also lightweight, which saves manufacturing costs for you and fuel and maintenance costs for the consumer. It’s easier to replace plastic parts, as well, plus they can be molded and fabricated into an array of shapes and sizes.

Polymershapes has adhesives and silicone that will enhance durability and longevity. Nylon can provide extra strength to several applications. Acetal can be used to create gears and other small parts. Ask about the rest of our RV materials, such as:

Practical RV Applications

Our plastic RV building materials are useful in numerous applications. Via fabrication, thermoforming, and other types of shaping, plastic can be used to create RV body panels and windshields. It can be used in an assortment of interior components. Plastics are ideal for small applications, as well, such as hinge pins and lighting covers.

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