Gear fabrication lends itself well to a variety of applications in both the industrial and manufacturing industries. Using plastic to design gears has numerous advantages over metal. Fabricating gears made of durable, tough, but moldable plastic can cut down costs for you and your customers in both the short- and long-term. The experts at Polymershapes can help you come up with the correct size and shape for your gear, and together we can choose the perfect plastic as well.

Plastic vs. Metal

It’s easy to say that plastic wins over metal when it comes to gear fabrication, but it helps to have proof. Let’s discuss the benefits of plastic gears compared to metal parts. Plastic offers greater flexibility in terms of design. Thermoforming allows us to mold plastic into nearly any shape and size you can imagine. That’s not always possible with metal, at least not without a significant amount of work. Plastic fabrication, in contrast, is fast and seamless.

Plastic also weighs less than metal. That makes plastic easier to ship. It also results in a lighter product. Because plastic is quieter than metal, plastic gears won’t be as noisy, either. Unlike metal gears, plastic doesn’t need lubrication. Plastic is resistant to chemicals and overall corrosion, too. Whereas metal rusts, plastic gears will last longer and work well during their lifespan. To that end, you can also use plastic with additives of graphite, silicone, and other materials, which further prevents wear and tear

Plastic gear fabrication can cut costs, save time, and increase the life of your product. To request a quote, call Polymershapes today. We can chat about the gears you need.

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