Polymershapes has the wear strips that you need to keep your machinery running smoothly and efficiently. Wear strips are essential for many machines that move cans, bottles, and other objects. When attached to the guardrails, these strips allow objects to glide more smoothly than a metal railing would accommodate. That’s why wear strips are commonly seen in breweries, beverage manufacturing facilities, and similar types of businesses.

Why Plastic Wear Strips?

Plastic wear strips are preferred over metal wear strips because they allow for more fluid movements and less vibration. As a result, this type of wear strip material can reduce the amount of glass bottle breakage while also enabling faster line speeds and cutting down on the frequency of repairs.

Not just any plastic will suffice, though. You need a wear strip material with low water absorption, high wear resistance, high abrasion resistance, and a low coefficient of friction. At Polymershapes, we have a variety of options that satisfy these requirements, including Polyester (PET), PEEK, and nylon.

Our wear strips are available in a range of colors including natural, green, black, red, blue, and white. You can also opt for different material grades including food-grade, heat-stabilized, anti-skid, print-grade, and marine-grade. We even have options that satisfy USDA, FDA, and MIL-SPEC standards. Just tell us what you’re looking for and we will be happy to help.

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