Custom Armored Vehicle Parts in California

To equip armored vehicles around California with the glazing required for durable, strong windows, it’s essential that you choose an experienced, reputable armored vehicle manufacturer. At Polymershapes, we have the knowledge and the tools to ensure that your vehicle’s windows are as safe and solid as the metal that protects them. We can assist you in choosing the best armored car materials, as well as in the molding and forming of your windshield and windows.

The Need for Next-Level Plastic

Out of all the many plastic applications, the creation of armor is one of the most precise. It is demanding because it requires perfection. The glazing system used has to protect the occupants in the car as readily and reliably as the reinforced exterior. Turn to Polymershapes to work on your armored vehicles in California and at other locations throughout our network.

A flawless performance is paramount. The driver and passengers in an armored vehicle must be able to see as clearly as if they were looking through glass. Taking it a step further, the windows must be transparent no matter what time of day it is and regardless of the visibility conditions at any given moment.

Armored vehicle manufacturers know how important it is for the exterior of the automobile to be able to withstand nearly anything. An armored vehicle is built to survive direct blasts, fire, and any impact from debris and fragments. It must be able to handle harsh conditions and potentially dangerous environments, not to mention extreme inclement weather.

The same is true of the windows. They require a material that is heat-resistant, blast-resistant, and durable. That’s where a plastic such as polycarbonate can be beneficial. It’s unaffected by high heat, it doesn’t shatter, it’s naturally translucent, and it’s UV-resistant.

manufactured armored vehicle in california

Servicing Armored Vehicles in California

When people think of armored vehicles, they typically picture military Humvees and similar vehicles. Polymershapes can certainly work to armor glaze automobiles used by the military, but a variety of other industries and organizations use armored cars. That includes corporations, government organizations, and companies that transport cash or other valuables.

Learn more about how we can protect armored vehicles in California. Get in touch with us with an established armored vehicle manufacturer you can trust. We take our time to discuss your project so we can help you figure out the armored glazing system that fits your needs.