How can PEI ULTEM sheets benefit you? PEI, or polyetherimide, is known by many names. In addition to ULTEM, you may see it branded as Duratron or Torlon. No matter what the name, PEI is an exceptional material. Classified as an amorphous thermoplastic that’s perfect for engineering, its properties extend to electrical, mechanical, and thermal applications.

From a fabrication standpoint, machining PEI ULTEM is almost effortless. The job can easily be done with common tools for metalwork. The material is also incredibly adaptable. PEI ULTEM can be painted any color you like, but it can also be hot stamped, metalized, or printed.

The Benefits of PEI

When you choose to work with PEI ULTEM sheets, know that you’re working with a thermoplastic that is stable dimensionally. It also offers hydrolytic stability. Because it is resistant to high temperatures, has top-notch electrical properties, and resists both flames and UV rays, it is durable for outdoor or indoor use. It helps that PEI ULTEM has a low smoke generation as well. Bear in mind that it has limited chemical resistance and that it is transparent to microwave radiation and visible infrared radiation.

In addition to sheets, Polymershapes offers PEI rods. Both are available in a range of grades and sizes. Talk to us to determine if you should go for glass-filled PEI, unfilled, or foam. You can also talk to us about the possibilities of using PEI film. No matter what your choice, we can assist you with fabrication and cut the sheets, plates, or rods to your exact customization and specifications.

To learn more about the advantages of PEI ULTEM sheets, get in touch with Polymershapes.

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