High-density urethane, or HDU board, is a type of rigid foam board made of polyurethane that is widely used in signage and tooling.

At Polymershapes, we can fabricate HDU products for you in a wide variety of sizes and densities. Simply bring us your project specifications and we will make it happen—at a competitive price and with a fast turnaround!

HDU Foam Board Signage

Many modern indoor and outdoor signs, including dimensional signs (i.e., signs with depth or layers), are made of HDU board due to its many advantages:

  • HDU stands up to all weather elements, including extreme cold and heat up to 300 degrees.
  • HDU lasts longer than wooden signs, as it will not rot, warp, or crack. It’s also strong, impact-resistant, and will hold its shape over time.
  • HDU can be made to resemble almost any material, such as brick, stucco, marble, and wood, and is significantly cheaper or easier to work with than most of these.

HDU Foam Board in Tooling & Other Applications

HDU board is also an ideal material for making molds, proofs, masters, prototypes, and sculptures:

  • HDU can easily be sanded, sandblasted, routed, sawed, sculpted, or carved. It produces minimal dust.
  • HDU does not outgas, which is necessary in many industrial processes and workshops.
  • HDU lends itself well to CNC machining, accommodating reasonably high precision.
  • HDU board maintains a consistent density throughout the object, including at different thicknesses, and is free of unwanted features like voids or swirling.

Let Polymershapes Supply the HDU Foam Board You Need

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