For the best plastic fabrication in Los Angeles, make an appointment with Polymershapes today. We have 70 years of expertise and knowledge behind us. Our skilled staff is ready to put that to good use by helping you bring your projects to fruition. Discover why we’re leaders in plastic fabrication in California. You can come to us for all of your plastic needs. Our network of suppliers and inventory allows us to offer fast, top-of-the-line service and impressive turnaround times.

Whether you want a POP display for an upcoming convention or a well-designed part for a niche piece of machinery, we can walk you through your options and come up with the best method for your project. Inquire today to discuss the benefits of acrylic fabrication, PVC fabrication, and polycarbonate fabrication.

Acrylic Fabrication

Acrylic, also known as acrylic glass or plexiglass, is a lightweight, durable material that can suit an incredible variety of needs. Whatever your acrylic needs, we offer an assortment of colors, textures, and sizes, as well as several methods for cutting, shaping, and fabricating what you need.

PVC Fabrication

PVC is a top choice in the industry for numerous products. As a material, it holds up against corrosion and chemicals. It’s well-known for its insulation properties, electrical durability, and low moisture absorption. Discuss the possibilities of Thermoforming to mold your PVC into the desired shape, or ask about PVC fabrication via CNC production. We can help you to manufacturer a prototype, a machine part, or an entire production run.

Polycarbonate Fabrication

Polycarbonate is a strong thermoplastic material valued for its ability to withstand high impacts. It’s tough, durable, and offers optical clarity. It’s also extremely machinable, making it a popular choice in plastic fabrication. At Polymershapes, we offer polycarbonate fabrication for connectors, wheels, rollers, machine parts, and more.

The Ins and Outs of Plastic Fabrication

Polymershapes is a leader in plastic fabrication around Los Angeles for a number of reasons, beginning with our versatility. We can cut, route, mold, thermoform, and otherwise manipulate plastic tubes, rods, and sheets into a variety of shapes and sizes. We also have an array of colors and textures at our disposal. You can choose whichever option is right for your product, down to the type of plastic and the hue of the material.

Our plastic fabrication facilities in California are spread out, allowing you as the customer to find a local facility that fits your needs. At any of our 67 locations, you can have your plastic pieces created and shaped into nearly anything, whether you want a convention display, a piece of signage, or a machine part.

Plastic Applications

Plastic fabrication in California is a booming industry. Because of the potential of plastic, we’re able to assist you in the creation of innumerable plastic applications. In addition to the manufacturing of aerospace components, armored vehicles, and automobiles, plastic is a valuable material in building and construction, security windows, and glazing for doors and other enclosures. Our staff and technicians can create templates for buses, rails, and even countertops, as well as windshields for golf carts, greenhouses, and more.

Call us today to talk about your project, what you need, and when you need it. With one conversation, you’ll understand why Polymershapes is the most reputable source of plastic fabrication in Los Angeles.

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