aerospace industries


Fun Fact: Did you know that reducing the weight of an airplane by only 1 pound can save 15,000 gallons of fuel a year?

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armored vehicle industries

Armored Vehicle

Vehicle armor is one of the most demanding applications for plastics. Whether for use by military forces, government organizations, corporations, or cash-in-transit companies, a key performance requirement is armored glazing for vehicle windows.

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automotive industries


Today’s cars contain more plastic than ever. Plastics weigh less than alternative materials such as metal, and less weight means less fuel consumption, which is attractive to consumers when deciding what model to purchase.

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bearings and bushing industries

Bearings and Bushings

Bearings and bushing are used in virtually every type of manufacturing process or industrial machinery. If your application could benefit from less maintenance and downtime, it’s time to talk to Polymershapes about our wide assortment of high-performance plastics for bearings and bushings.

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building & construction industries

Building & Construction

There’s an old saying: “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”. People who live in plastic houses can! Polycarbonate, acrylic and PETG all have significantly higher impact strength than glass, and offer outstanding optical clarity, making them an ideal choice for many building and construction applications.

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wind resistant security windows industries

Bullet/Blast/Wind Resistant Security Windows, Doors, Enclosures and Glazing

Through our Insulgard™ Security Products business, we offer a versatile, multi-tiered line of security products, including counterline systems, glazing materials, opaque armor, transaction windows, doors, framing systems, drawers, package passers, deal trays, and speak-thru devices.

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bus and rail industries

Bus and Rail

Thanks to plastics solutions provided by Polymershapes, today’s trains and buses are lighter in weight, more durable, safer and more comfortable. Plastics help mass transit vehicles travel further for less money especially when used in both aesthetic and structural/bearing applications.

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chemical processing industries

Chemical Processing

Materials used in applications in the chemical, oil and gas segments typically must meet very specific performance requirements. The right plastic can ensure a safe, durable, long-lasting performance even under the harshest conditions.

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Countertop Templates/Cabinetry

At Polymershapes, we use the best materials possible to ensure that your countertop templates/cabinetry remain strong and durable throughout everyday situations. Whether you are looking for acrylic, expanded foam, high-density polyethylene, or polypropylene twin wall-corrugated plastic, you are sure to find the perfect material for your project.

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die cutters industries

Die Cutters

Polymershapes is ready to help you outshine your competition, with a vast portfolio of high performance materials and substrates. We partner with the industry’s most innovative and trusted brands to offer you an extensive range of products for a wide range of applications.

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Polymer Shapes

Electric and Non-Printed Sign

Customers throughout the sign industry consistently count on Polymershapes to deliver innovative material solutions, logistical expertise, and fabrication and conversion services that help them bring their most adventurous and demanding designs.

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enclosures industries


Industrial and electronic enclosures protect both equipment and users. They are used in both indoor and outdoor locations, for use in hazardous or non-hazardous applications. Strong and durable plastics are an ideal solution for a vast array of enclosures.
food and beverage preparation and processing industries

Food and Beverage Preparation and Processing

Plastic materials find use in a variety of applications in food and beverage processing and preparation. Most materials used in food and beverage processing will have to be certified as FDA, USDA, NSF, or 3-A Dairy.

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gaskets and seals industries

Gaskets and Seals

High-performance thermoplastics are used in a staggering array of industries and applications to produce gaskets and seals, from aircraft, to heavy equipment, to automobiles, to manufacturing, to oil and gas extraction – the list goes on and on.

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gears industries


In a wide range of industrial and manufacturing applications, gears made of plastics have proven superior to metals. The broad gamut of advantages plastics can deliver include: Design flexibility: Plastics can be molded into a multitude of shapes that are difficult or impossible to machine with metals.

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golf cart windshields industries

Golf Cart Windshields

Golf isn’t a “contact sport,” but golfers – especially the kind who don’t let bad weather keep them off the course! – still need protection from the elements, not to mention stray shots and other high-speed objects. The same goes for other types of All-Terrain Vehicles, dirt bikes, and more.

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greenhouses industries


Polymershapes has the perfect solutions for aesthetically pleasing and durable greenhouse applications that provide plants optimal conditions to grow and thrive. Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate panels create an ideal environment for light transmission and insulation.

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heavy equipment industries

Heavy Equipment

Plastics are increasingly being used in heavy equipment, such as cranes, excavators and backhoes, due to their advantages over more traditional materials such as metals.

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hopper and bed liners industries

Hopper and Bed Liners

Plastic solutions for hoppers and bed liners significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of an immense array of agricultural, industrial, and manufacturing applications. High-performance plastics from Polymershapes will help you maintain efficient transfer and/or flow of materials throughout your production or transportation processes.

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machine guards industries

Machine Guards

Machine guards provide protection for workers in virtually every type of manufacturing setting. They are typically made of Polycarbonate, Acrylic, or PETG to provide a protective barrier and an unobstructed view of equipment and processes.

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machine shops industries

Machine Shops

As a $55 Billion industry, machine shops are an important part of the US economy. They use lathes, mills, grinders, saws and other types of machines to turn pieces of raw materials into finished parts. Many machine shops are also adding 3D Printing capabilities.

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Medical Packaging

Medical packaging must protect a vast range of products and materials where there is zero room for compromise in ensuring total protection. Polymershapes is your source for material solutions that fully meet your medical packaging requirements.

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membrane switches industries

Membrane Switches

We all encounter membrane switches every day, when we tap a computer keyboard, program a microwave oven, choose something to watch with a remote control, or pump gas. A membrane switch protects a control mechanism from moisture, soil, and other environmental elements that could interfere with the performance of the switch.

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milling and mining industries

Milling and Mining

Operating environments in mining industries are abrasive, noisy and generally tough on materials. A wide range of engineering plastics, such as Nylon, UHMW, HDPE, and many more, are used for a variety of applications in the mining industry, especially for material handling and transportation.

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movie studio - sound stage industries

Movie Studio/Sound Stage

While we know that much of what looks “real” in a film or TV show isn’t, the versatility of plastics helps us believe otherwise! Customers throughout the entertainment industry consistently count on Polymershapes to deliver innovative solutions, logistical expertise and fabrication/conversion services that help them bring to life their most adventurous and demanding designs.
oil and gas industries

Oil and Gas

Plastics are rapidly replacing traditional materials in the oil and gas industry, helping providers find and reach valuable sources of energy that help fuel growth and economic development around the world.
orthotics industries


Plastics are used to deliver a wide range of orthopedic solutions, orthotics and prosthetics, from braces to protect elbows, hips, and knees, to devices for surgical implantation in joints, hands, feet, spine and more.
outrigger pads industries

Outrigger Pads

An outrigger is a projecting support used to stabilize heavy equipment such as excavators and cranes. An outrigger pad is a thick piece of material used under the outrigger on heavy equipment to assist in stabilization and prevent destruction of the surface on which the heavy equipment is operating.
packaging and conveying equipment industries

Packaging and Conveying Equipment

Nothing gets manufactured without having to be moved around the production facility, and most items get packaged before they are sold. Consumers want their products quickly and at the best price possible.
playground equipment

Playground Equipment

From slides to swimming pools, and roller coasters to basketball backboards, plastics provide solutions that make nearly any recreational pursuit more enjoyable, not to mention safer. Polymershapes can meet your needs for plastics that provide resistance to weather, UV light, fire and flame, and chemicals.
pop display industries


You work hard to deliver projects that make lasting impressions for your customers. Polymershapes stands ready to help. Our unmatched inventory of brilliant and versatile products includes everything you need to bring your creative inspiration to life.
printing graphics industries


Customers throughout the printing industry consistently count on Polymershapes to deliver a complete array of digital imaging, mounting, laminating and screen printing materials, helping them bring their most adventurous and demanding concepts to life.
recreational vehicles industries

Recreational Vehicles

Many demanding transportation applications benefit from the improved light-weighting and durability of plastics, and Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are prime examples. Plastics solutions from Polymershapes – used in most everything from mechanical parts to external applications — make today’s RVs safer and more comfortable.
semiconductor and electronics industries

A wide variety of engineered plastics are utilized in the production of Semiconductors and Electronic equipment, ranging from polycarbonate and PEI from the amorphous category, to thermosets, to highly heat-resistant imidized and semi-crystalline materials.

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sheaves industries

A sheave is simply a pulley for hoisting that has a grooved rim for guiding the wire used for lifting.  They are found in various styles of cranes and lifting equipment. Sheaves are often made of metal, but plastics, particularly nylon, can be a better choice as they cause less abrasion of the wire or rope.

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skylights industries


Skylights are an aesthetically and architecturally pleasing way to let more natural light into dark spaces. Polymershapes is your go-to source for plastic skylight materials that enable you to produce high-quality skylights in a wide variety of forms.
sporting goods industries

Sporting Goods

Good times playing sports with friends and family – from golf, to bowling, to skiing, to boating – are made even better when you can count on equipment that delivers consistent high performance. You can count on Polymershapes for the ideal materials you need to produce durable and exciting sporting good applications.
sterilization trays industries

Sterilization Trays

Around the world, practitioners in every health-care profession require highly durable plastic sterilization trays that will protect delicate equipment and instruments during procedures, and then withstand the high-temperature processes involved in safely cleaning and sterilizing the equipment for future use.
tank construction industries

Tank Construction

General purpose semi-crystalline materials from the polyolefin family are frequently specified for tank construction, along with amorphous materials for structural needs, and flexible tubing as tank attachments. Some of the most common tank products are for fire trucks and large containment needs.
thermoformers industries


Plastic thermoforming is a process that involves heating a sheet of plastic until it reaches optimal pliability and can be stretched and/or shaped into the required formation, trimmed, and cooled.

Tooling & Prototyping

From developing tools and prototypes, to model making, to engineering, to mechanical design, selecting the right materials for your projects is critical. Polymershapes has the broadest range of material options to help you meet your specific requirements.
transit shelters in industries

Transit Shelters

Transit Shelters are typically small free-standing structures that provide cover and seating for the passengers of bus, train, light rail and other mass transportation systems. To weather the elements, materials for Transit Shelters must deliver UV resistance, dimensional stability and formability (for roofs).
valves and fittings industries

Valves and Fittings

There is almost no limit to the variety of industrial applications that require valves, resulting in countless liquids and gases that valves and valve fittings come in contact with. Plastics that can stand up to corrosion, temperature extremes and fluctuations, caustic cleaning solutions and constant use are critical.
vehicle wraps industries

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are an effective way to gain attention for a business, product, or special event. Wraps are applied to cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats – virtually anything that moves. In simplest terms, vehicle wraps are made of PVC vinyl film with adhesive backing.
wall coverings industries

Wall Coverings

Builders, architects and designers all seek strength, light weight and design flexibility in the materials used on interior walls, but they also need materials that meet today’s increasingly stringent fire regulations. Look to Polymershapes for materials that meet the needs.
watercraft industries


The development of plastics resistant to saltwater, ultraviolet light, chemicals and corrosion enables Polymershapes to offer a wide range of materials ideal for marine applications. Polymershapes can provide you with a wealth of solutions that are ideally suited to replace marine plywoods, metal, and laminates.
wear strips industries

Wear Strips

Many machines that are used to move bottles, cans, boxes and other products have plastic wear strips attached to their guardrails. The wear strips allow the products to glide better than they would against a metal railing.
window glazing industries

Window Glazing

Acrylic and polycarbonate are both excellent alternatives to glass for window glazing. Both are lighter in weight and more impact resistant.  In addition to selling the acrylic and polycarbonate sheets, Polymershapes sells the silicone and adhesives required to adhere the plastic to the frame.

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