High-impact plastic that can resist bullets, blasts, and ferocious winds is exactly what you need to protect your assets. Polymershapes is pleased to offer impact-resistant plastic that can provide safety and security to businesses, armored vehicles, and more. In addition to being able to resist bullets and blasts, our security glazing is composed of weather-resistant plastic that won’t be affected by extreme weather or other acts of nature.

We offer a line of products and services that can protect your hard work and livelihood. Not only can we work with you on security solutions, such as durable plastic security windows, doors, and opaque armor, but we can also provide transaction windows, counterline systems, and speak-through devices.

Understanding the Benefits

Bulletproof plastic is undeniably beneficial, but high-impact plastic has many more advantages. Because this strong plastic can absorb equally strong blasts, it will not shatter in the same way that glass does. That reduces danger and risk because sharp shards won’t fly upon impact, regardless of the cause. In addition to ensuring a minimal number of injuries, this feature also protects anything behind the plastic, whether it’s a store full of inventory or an armored vehicle full of valuables.

Because impact-resistant plastic provides ample security, it can also deter potential thieves from trying to rob or vandalize your property. Break-in attempts won’t even occur because would-be criminals know that there’s no chance of reaching your belongings. Even natural disasters and weather calamities are no match for our weather-resistant plastic.

To better understand the benefits and potential of high-impact plastic, pose your questions to the plastic experts at Polymershapes. We would love to discuss how to make your business or livelihood more secure.