Thermoforming companies like Polymershapes specialize in the formation of plastic polymers and polycarbonate materials. If you’re looking for thermoforming around the Los Angeles area, then Polymershapes should be first on your list. We have a unique understanding of polycarbonate plastics and what they can do. Learn more about what we offer, then make an appointment to consult with us.

The Process of Thermoforming

In the plastics industry, thermoforming involves heating a plastic sheet until it becomes pliable enough to shape into specific designs or to fit into a mold. Most thermoforming companies do that by placing the sheet of plastic, or a thinner “film” of plastic, into an oven.

Once that’s completed, the excess material is trimmed away. After that, the plastic is given time to cool, during which time it fits itself to the shape of the mold being used. The finished product is completely usable, allowing you to move forward with your idea, product, or prototype.

Vacuum forming is another type of thermoforming. It involves heating small pieces or sections of a plastic sheet on a smaller machine than what’s used in traditional thermoforming. A vacuum stretches the heated sheet of plastic over the appropriate mold. Because vacuum forming is typically the preferred method for smaller applications, it’s ideal for prototypes and sample parts.

Thermoforming is better for large-scale products. It can heat, form, and trim plastic sheets at a higher volume, allowing for the high-speed creation of parts and pieces. As you look into thermoforming in LA, it’s essential to find a company that’s capable of both processes.

When to Choose Thermoforming

There are several methods of molding and transforming plastic. It’s in your best interest to find a thermoforming company that offers a variety of molding processes, such as blow molding and injection molding. Thermoforming itself is best suited for blister pack plastic, containers, disposable cups, and similar items.

In general, it’s the optimal choice for small plastic products used in the food industry, the medical field, and in retail as a whole. You can reach out to talk to the staff at Polymershapes to figure out if thermoforming is the right option for you.

Our experience, knowledge, and versatility make us one of the leading thermoforming companies in the area. Call us today to decide to schedule a consultation about your plastic needs.


  • Aerospace
  • Armored Vehicle
  • Automotive
  • Building & Construction
  • Bullet/Blast/Wind Resistant Security Windows
  • Doors, Enclosures and Glazing
  • Bus and Rail, Countertop Templates/Cabinetry
  • Electric and Non-Printed Sign
  • Enclosures, Golf Cart Windshields
  • Greenhouses
  • Machine Guards
  • Movie Studio/Sound Stage
  • POP/Display, Printing/Graphics
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Skylights
  • Transit Shelters
  • Watercraft
  • Window Glazing

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