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If you represent an automotive company, you need a reliable supplier for plastic and polymer parts. From major parts of the frame to the smallest internal components, plastic, polymer, and composite materials provide higher durability with low weight and costs.

You can trust Polymershapes for plastic automotive part manufacturing. Expect components made to your exact specifications with the qualities and characteristics needed for your vehicles. We’re experts in CNC material processing, thermoforming, and CAD design. We provide materials fabricated with industry-leading techniques and technologies.

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Polymershapes is a leading plastics supplier for automotive and aerospace components in greater Los Angeles, California. We work with companies in armored vehicles, bus & rail, and heavy equipment. We can be your supply partner too.

Reach out for a free consultation. We can help you determine the ideal materials and fabrication processes for the automotive parts you need. Get a cost quote and a detailed timeline for your project. We’ll work with you every step of the way to source the ideal components at the right cost.

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car exterior made with plastic polymer parts

The Benefit of Plastic Automobile Parts

Plastic parts have both cost and performance advantages over metal. plastic can be more easily formed into a myriad of shapes and sizes. From tiny dials and buttons to mechanical parts under the hood, to the large portions of the frame, there’s likely a type of plastic or polymer well-suited for the job.

Polymer and plastic automotive parts can be manufactured to be lighter weight and lower cost without trading away durability where it’s needed. Lighter leads to a lighter car, important for fuel economy, safety, and performance qualities. Polymer parts may also not be susceptible to rust, wear, and degradation in the same way that parts for other materials are. There’s likely a type of plastic polymer perfect for meeting the heat, stress, and impact resistance requirements of the parts you have in mind.

Opting for plastic car parts designed by a knowledgeable, skilled plastic distributor is the way forward. Polymershapes is a leader in our industry. You can use our CAD services to design your plastic part, then we can discuss the best method of forming the piece and what type of plastic to use.

car interior made with plastic polymer parts

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Our material experts are ready to help you determine the ideal material for your automotive components, decide on the fabrication method that will provide the best qualities at the lowest cost, provide a price quote, and determine a timeline for including the part in your assembly process.

Source automotive plastic parts with Polymershapes. Reach out to us to schedule your talk with a materials specialist.

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