It’s easy to see why many companies prefer LED lighting. LED lights are inexpensive, making them cost-effective lighting solutions. Additionally, LED lights keep your energy usage and expenses lower than non-LED lighting options. It’s tough to find a better lighting choice than LED lights, especially when having eco-friendly options is important.

Having high-quality plastics to protect and optimize LED lights is a must for most businesses. Polymershapes offers a wide range of light-diffusing plastics, providing your business with clear lighting and no hotspots or light blockage.

Let Polymershapes be your company’s choice for new and improved lighting solutions. Whether your business needs assistance with retrofitting lights or new lighting installations, our team of experts is here to help. We’ll ensure your business has ideal lighting plastics solutions.

Common Uses of LED Plastics for Lights

Choosing LED lights means having lighting solutions used for an array of applications. For example, these types of lights are ideal for indoor cabinet signs. Selecting LED lights is also a great option for channel letters, cove, and edge lighting.

Polymershapes is ready to help you choose the perfect lighting protection solutions. We offer a variety of LED modules and light tapes, all with the versatility to work for indoor and outdoor uses.

Our company also offers an incredible variety from a quality perspective. Polymershapes can help you find superior lighting plastics solutions at extremely competitive prices, whether you need top-of-the-line plastics or value-based options.

Benefits of LED Lighting

Being on the fence about new business-related installations is understandable. However, LED lights paired with light-diffusing plastics offer many amazing advantages.

The benefits of pairing of LED lights and plastic are:

  • Having the option of thermoformed plastic to cover complex areas
  • Excellent light transmission without worrying about hot spots
  • Lightweight items that are easy to ship and install
  • Advanced beam patterns to provide expansive coverage areas
  • Extremely affordable and inexpensive to maintain
  • Fast installation process

Which LED Plastic Is Right for My Project?

A few plastic types tend to pair well with sign, interior, and exterior lighting. Most companies choose acrylic or polycarbonate plastics. Acrylic material offers the highest possible light transmission. Polycarbonate is better when you need a more durable material that’s also able to withstand higher temperatures.

Are you unsure about what plastics you need? Reach out to Polymershapes for help choosing designs and materials that showcase your company’s lights and signs.

Choose Polymershapes for Ideal Lighting Plastics Solutions

No matter where your business is with commercial lighting, Polymershapes is the company to contact. We have the tools, equipment, and knowledge to equip your company’s power supplies. Additionally, Polymershapes carries sign face materials, sealants, adhesives, and more. We stock modules from Agilight, with additional products from BoxRayz®, RetroRayz®, and SignRayz®.

When your business needs lighting plastics solutions, contact Polymershapes. Our experienced team can show your business a wide range of standard lighting. We’re also fully capable of plastic fabrication when your company requires customized LED plastics for unique or complex spaces.

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