Machine guards are essential in any manufacturing business. They offer must-have protection to employees, employers, visitors, and more. They work to create a protective barrier, but they also have to be fully transparent so that workers have an unencumbered view of the equipment they’re using and the processes that they’re watching over. Guards often prevent any contamination from occurring during the manufacturing of a product. Because they’re so important, you need to look into durable machine guard fabrication. Find out where machine guards come in handy and what they can do for you, then schedule a consultation with Polymershapes.

Guarding Your Business

Although machine guards are prominently used in the manufacturing industry, they’re helpful in other areas, as well. The transparent plastic used to create guards is an ideal material for room dividers and other separators. For example, they can be installed at booths and tables in restaurants to keep patrons socially distanced. Some guards can even do double-duty as sneeze guards to protect buffets and salad bars. They’re also essential in laboratories where chemical testing and medical testing take place. Because they offer protection from contamination, they can act as dust barriers and noise barriers, as well.

Machine guard fabrication is a refined process, which is why you need the experts at Polymershapes to guide you. We can discuss the pros and cons of using polycarbonate sheeting for your guards. Acrylic is another option, as is PETG.

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