plastic bushings and bearings made in Los Angeles

Plastic bushings and bearings represent a popular industry niche. That’s because you’ll find bushings and bearings in almost every piece of machinery and manufacturing process you can imagine. They’re responsible for making machines run smoothly and for processes to go off without a hitch.

You can find a range of high-performance and high-quality plastic bushings and plastic bearings in Los Angeles from Polymershapes. We can fulfill your needs no matter what you want to create. Look at our portfolio, ask any questions you like, and prepare to make us your new plastics fabricator.

The Advantages of Plastic Bearings and Bushings

Don’t look for traditional metal bearings in Los Angeles. Bring your needs to Polymershapes, where we’ll introduce you to plastic bearings and bushings. Plastic has several advantages over metal, to the point where plastic can outperform metal across the board. Bearings made of plastic are tougher, longer-lasting, and they’re cheaper and easier to replace.

Since plastic is known for its excellent wear, it will put more money into your pocket in the long run. Plastic bushings also have a low coefficient of friction, especially when compared to metal. From a fabrication standpoint, plastic is also easier to machine than metal. Unlike metal, plastic bearings and bushings from our Los Angeles company react beautifully to tight tolerances.

Between that and its lightweight construction, plastic can withstand wear and tear to a greater degree than metal. It won’t corrode in damp environments. Plastic is also resistant to chemicals, which gives plastic bushing and bearings another leg up over metal.

A Variety of Possibilities

Polymershapes offers a wide range of plastic bearings and plastic bushings throughout the Los Angeles area. To begin with, you can choose any shape you need, not to mention any grade or material. You can fully customize your order to fulfill exactly what you want. From there, you can also choose the material you want.

Several common industries relying on plastic bushings and bearings include:

  • Automotive: Suspensions, hinges, steering columns
  • Aerospace: Landing gear, aircraft control systems
  • Medical: Imaging devices, surgical systems, and much more
  • Electronics: Gaming consoles, printers, blenders

Plastic bearings and bushings offer a variety of advantages over their metal counterparts. When your business needs these extremely useful and multi-functional parts, the choice of where to get them from is clear: Choose Polymershapes. Look no further than our company for plastic bushings and bearings in Los Angeles. Make a call and request a quote from Polymershapes today.

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