Medical packaging is essential for the ultimate protection of the devices, products, and materials contained therein. Medical device packaging is all about protection, meaning using high-quality plastic materials is a plus. There can be no room for error when the health and safety of other people are involved – Polymershapes is a medical packaging company that understands that. That’s why our fabrication process is second to none.

We know you can’t afford to compromise the packaging of the medical devices and other products you handle. Keep reading to learn more about the medical packaging material that we use.

The Possibilities When Partnering With a Medical Packaging Company

Polymershapes is a company equipped to package a variety of devices, instruments, and products. Our plastics come from the best manufacturers in the industry. These partnerships allow us to help you find precisely the medical packaging materials that will work best for you. They also help ensure you have many potential choices to consider if you prefer having considerable options from your medical packaging manufacturer.

Going a step further, we can assist you in choosing materials for a variety of different product profiles. Whether you need to package medical instruments or items that call for extra protection, such as scalpels or anything that needs porosity protection—you can count on us. Talk to us about fabricating blister packs, clamshells, cartons, or packaging with lids.

Our company also offers fast turnaround times, meaning your medical business isn’t waiting long to receive packaging for medical devices, medications, and other important products. Additionally, Polymershapes has over 70 years of industry-leading experience. Throughout this time, we’ve helped medical companies from pharmaceutical companies to those manufacturing medical devices.

Materials Used by Medical Packaging Manufacturers

Choose the medical device packaging that’s best suited for your needs. We offer APET, PPSU, PEEK, industrial PVC and CPVC, acetal, high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Our experts can discuss what you need and walk you through the selection process to ensure you get the perfect packaging material.

Polymershapes is a medical packaging company that can handle all your packaging-related needs. We’re an ISO 9001 certified company that puts each customer at the center of all we do. Our company also offers fast turnaround times and extremely competitive pricing. You can also count on us if you need something new—we specialize in offering innovative packaging solutions. Call today to request a quote or to consult with our helpful experts.

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