HDPE material is easily one of the most versatile plastics that we offer at Polymershapes. It’s ideal for a wide array of practical applications, meaning that it might be perfect for your project, too. To give you an idea about its versatility, HDPE is used in signage, underground applications, plastic bags, milk jugs, certain plastic containers, and can even be found on hats and shoes that use plastic. Let’s take a look at the traits and advantages of High Density Polyethylene products so that you can make an informed choice about what you need.

Next-Level Durability

There are several reasons to consider HDPE material for your applications. It’s incredibly resistant to impact, which increases its durability and allows it to hold onto its integrity over time. It’s weather-resistant, as well, which is why it’s often used in outdoor projects. Even better, it resists damage from mildew and mold, so even if it’s used in damp places, underground areas, or in a space where there’s inclement weather, it won’t get damaged. It stands up to abrasions, as well, along with chemicals and general corrosion. Its low water absorption makes it the right choice for an array of projects.

In terms of forming, High Density Polyethylene products lend themselves well to thermoforming and molding. Processing is easy, and we can do it via fabrication, machine, or welding. The thermoplastic, which is semi-crystalline, has an impressive continuous use temperature range of -50 degrees Fahrenheit at the low end and 180 degrees Fahrenheit at the highest point.

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