Plastics play a vital role in bringing movie magic to life and helping to create immersive worlds where anything is possible on the screen. With the help of technologies like thermoforming, CNC laser processing, and polycarbonate fabrication, the professionals at Polymershapes are able to craft intricate, true-to-life movie production sets. Whether you’re looking to build a believable indoor set, a detailed cityscape, or a fully functional soundstage with modern surroundings, we can put our expertise to work and help you achieve an aesthetic that looks incredible on camera.

Our Movie Production Set Plastics

At Polymershapes, we utilize the types of high-quality, malleable plastics that are ubiquitous on movie sets, including polycarbonate, expanded foam PVC, acrylic, aluminum composite materials, and more. These plastics are generally lightweight, water-resistant, impact-resistant, and easily transportable during set changes. Their applications extend not only to the movie production set but also to live event venues like theaters, nightclubs, and immersive entertainment environments.

The thermal and chemical properties of our plastics are in line with the most stringent industry safety standards, so you can be sure that your set or soundstage meets regulatory compliance in addition to looking amazing.

Our fabricated plastics are useful for building not only background scenery but also props (including furniture, realistic-looking weapons, bulletproof glass, and artificial foods), signs, displays, and film set equipment. We even have materials for energy-efficient LED lighting systems, so our professionals can assist with your custom lighting design needs as you build your movie production set.

Get the Movie Set Supplies You Need

As a trusted Los Angeles institution nestled in the heart of Southern California’s entertainment empire, Polymershapes has long been a trusted provider of custom-fabricated film set equipment. Our experts use the latest in computer-aided design (CAD) to craft materials to our clients’ exacting specifications, and we use a combination of sheets, reels, modules, rods, and other plastic materials to bring life to even the most unique aesthetic visions. We’ve been doing it for over 70 years, and we always deliver.

When you choose Polymershapes for your custom movie set supplies, you can count on quick turnarounds and competitive prices. Just tell us the scope of your project and what you’re looking to achieve, and we’ll go over your options in terms of materials, shapes, colors, and suppliers. Our industry-leading experts use state-of-the-art fabrication equipment to deliver innovative solutions on time and within budget. If you’d like to learn more or get started, contact us today to request a quote.

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