Plastic Goods Manufacturing at Polymershapes

Polymershapes is L.A.’s trusted leader in plastic goods manufacturing. If you need polycarbonate manufacturing or any other type of plastic fabrication, our experts are here to bring your vision to life. Below is just a small sampling of the work we’ve done for past clients so you can see the incredible results we deliver at Polymershapes.

portfolio of acrylic letters

Acrylic Letters

We often recommend acrylic for plastic goods manufacturing because it’s lightweight, heat-resistant, durable, and able to withstand most types of environmental conditions. Acrylic reacts well to thermoforming, and our thermoforming experts excel in molding acrylic thermoplastics into a range of simple and complex shapes, complete with precise edges and angles—much like the acrylic letters seen here. Acrylic makes an excellent, long-lasting replacement for metal and glass, and it can be fabricated at a much lower cost.

portfolio of cnc laser processing

CNC Laser Processing

When you need laser-sharp precision, Computerized Numeric Control is the way to go. We employ some of the industry’s top CNC laser processing specialists, who use a combination of laser cutters, engravers, and computerized panel saws to deliver stunning results like the kind seen here. Best of all, our CNC tools enable us to achieve the maximum yield for every plastic sheet, reducing the amount of waste and ensuring that you get the maximum value for your investment.

portfolio of plastic parts

Plastic Parts

Polymershapes specializes in rugged, lightweight plastic parts made from acrylic, PVC, polycarbonate, and much more, all crafted to exacting specifications and trusted in some of the world’s most demanding machinery, including vehicles and aircraft. We’ve been a leader in polycarbonate manufacturing for over 70 years, and our clients love our plastic parts because they’re cost-effective and rust-proof (unlike metal parts). We specialize in high-volume delivery—on time and on budget.

portfolio of pop display

POP Display

POP displays are another specialty of ours. We excel in creating both indoor and outdoor displays and kiosks for theaters, stages, movie sets, conventions, and more. We have the widest selection of plastics for POP displays, including expanded foam PVC, high-impact polystyrene, foamboard, HDU board, and more. We can accommodate a vast range of sizes, styles, and colors, so your signage always makes an impression.

portfolio of wall mounts

Wall Mounts

When you need wall mounts that are perfectly sized and fabricated to your desired specifications, Polymershapes has you covered. We can custom-craft wall mounts and wall mount brackets that are lightweight and easier on your walls than the metals traditionally used for wall mount assemblies. Just leave it to our plastic goods manufacturing pros!

These are just a few examples of work we have done for previous clients. Take a look over the various industries we can serve to get an idea of all the different ways we can help your business. Get in touch with Polymershapes and get a quote for your next project today.

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