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How Sneeze Guards Protect You from Germs

By November 13, 2020 February 19th, 2024 No Comments
a restaurant with a sneeze guard

Sneeze guard protection is essential for public-facing businesses. At a time when it’s important for every individual to do his or her part to keep others safe, a sneeze guard is the perfect solution. Sneeze guards are useful in more than just the food service arena. But how do sneeze guards work and are they genuinely able to offer protection? Let Polymershapes explain their benefits and help you decide how you can best protect your customers.

What Is a Sneeze Guard?

To fully understand sneeze guard protection, you must first understand what a sneeze guard is. You may be used to seeing them at buffets and other restaurants, where they are used to keep people from breathing, sneezing, or coughing on the food, plates, and utensils that everyone will be using. Sneeze guards are helpful in those situations, but their benefits allow them to be of use in other areas and industries, as well.

A sneeze guard is a clear acrylic or plastic barrier that provides protection against germs and other types of contamination. In the current global pandemic, sneeze guards can be an effective tool to prevent the spread of bacteria via coughing or sneezing. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used in an array of applications.

How Do Sneeze Guards Work?

As stated, sneeze guards act as a barrier. A thick sheet of acrylic or plastic can create a barrier between anyone or anything. They slow down the spread of germs between people. Some sneeze guards are even resistant to bullets. For that reason, they can also offer more serious protection.

Where Are Sneeze Guards Used?

a restaurant with a sneeze guard

We’ve already established that sneeze guard protection is useful in restaurants. These days, they’re found in many restaurants, not just buffets. At places where dine-in seating is once more allowed, some restaurants have placed sneeze guards on their booths and tables to create safe barriers between patrons.

Currently, the CDC also recommends the use of sneeze guards in other businesses. They’re found in airports, where they stand between travelers and airport employees, such as gate attendants and ticket takers. They’re likewise found in schools, camps, grocery stores, butcher shops, and similar areas of food service.

Choosing Your Sneeze Guard

How do sneeze guards work for you? That depends on where you are and what you do. Check out the requirements in your area and for your business. There are different rules for height, thickness, and materials. You may need a higher or thicker barrier. If you work in food service, then you may have a special set of regulations to follow.

Polymershapes can help you to design and plan your sneeze guard protection. Schedule a consultation with us today.

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