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How POP Displays Can Help You Sell More This Holiday Season

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Sometimes all it takes is a holiday retail display to land a customer. The holiday season is the perfect time to unveil a new POP retail display. Learn more about how a display can help your business and increase your sales. You can then consult with Polymershapes to come up with ideas for the design and the message you want to share.

Making the Most of In-Store Attraction

Customers walking through the mall or visiting your brick and mortar store are drawn to eye-catching items, which is one reason that a holiday retail display can improve your sales this season. The people who pass by the shop are more likely to stop, even if they just want to read what’s on the display before they move on to another store. The right display ensures that they won’t keep walking. They’ll feel compelled to find out more about what you’re offering.

Catching the Eye of Potential Customers

store opening for the holiday

Around the holiday season, it takes something special to grab someone’s attention. There are displays everywhere, including holiday decorations and tableaux. A POP retail display can catch the attention of passersby and bring them to your shop. Shopkeepers who highlight their products or services with a colorful, attention-grabbing display can make the most of the holiday crowds.

Creating a One-of-a-Kind Image

You usually have one shot to intrigue a potential customer. A holiday retail display has the power to do that as long as the images are unique. Think of a topical or holiday-themed advertisement idea. Make sure that it’s relevant to what you’re offering, however. You don’t want consumers to be confused. You want them to be interested to the point where they want to know more about what you have to sell.

Increasing Brand Recognition

An eye-popping POP retail display can increase your brand’s reach and improve brand recognition. Even when people simply walk by your display, they’ll take notice. You might have just the thing they need this holiday season, whether it’s something that will make their lives easier or a terrific gift idea. Grabbing their attention via a POP display can ensure that they’ll circle back to you to find out more.

Answering Queries without a Word

A holiday retail display can answer every question a potential customer has. Though you have to be careful not to crowd the display with too much information, you can include details that answer concerns and queries from the jump. Consider that as you think about the design and messaging for the display. Include the bullet points about your product or service alongside an irresistible image.

Do you want to discuss a possible design for your holiday retail display? Polymershapes specializes in POP displays and our experts are eager to help you.

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