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Everything You Need to Know About Plexiglass Fabrication

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Understanding plexiglass fabrication is the first step in deciding if it’s the right plastic product for you. Fortunately, Polymershapes is an expert in the fabrication and formation of plexiglass. We’re here to explain the process and answer all of your questions. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your next product, too. We can help you determine whether plexiglass is the right plastic for you (and often, it is!).

The 411 on Plexiglass

The first thing that you should know about plexiglass fabrication is its proper name, which is Acrylic Polymethyl Methacrylate, or PMMA. It’s also known as Acrylic Plexiglass. There are a variety of branded names, but they all mean the same thing.

Fabrication itself is effortless because plexiglass is incredibly easy to form. It can even be formed with traditional woodworking tools, as long as you take care not to scratch it. We have the tools necessary to get the job done, allowing us to fabricate plexiglass sheets into nearly any shape. Since plexiglass is a thermoplastic, it can also be thermoformed. That increases its versatility by a large margin.

Plexiglass provides a brilliant clarity—fittingly, it’s as clear as glass. However, because it is resistant to impact and weather, it’s considered much more practical than glass, which can break and shatter.

Plexiglass is also a lightweight material. That, too, makes it easy to form into different shapes. It’s ideal for transportation, as well. Fortunately, because it’s a durable material, there’s little worry about damage.

To learn more about plexiglass fabrication for your needs, reach out to Polymershapes today.

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