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Creative Uses of Clear Plastic Sneeze Guards

By July 28, 2021 No Comments
office with plastic sneeze guards

Clear plastic sneeze guards may seem utilitarian, given that they only have one real purpose: to provide protection. They’re certainly ubiquitous these days, as well. You can hardly visit a shop or a restaurant without seeing them. However, just because they’ve become popular during the pandemic doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to get creative with them. Plastic counter guards are commonplace, but they’re helpful in all sorts of spaces, not only restaurants, bars, and stores. In fact, there are endless opportunities to use plastic sneeze barriers in unexpected ways. No matter what kind of business or space you have, you can use a sneeze guard to protect your patrons. Not only can Polymershapes help with the fabrication of plastic sneeze guards, but we can also show you how to use them creatively and helpfully in your space.

Hanging Sneeze Guards

One of the most creative uses for clear plastic sneeze guards is to hang them. They tend to take up far less space when hung from the ceiling, and it’s easy enough to get the desired height you need. It’s only a matter of choosing the current lengths of chain from which to suspend them. Hanging a sneeze guard is almost attractive, in fact. Bind the edges of the plastic with covers or place it in a frame. Rather than a hunk of polycarbonate, you now have a hanging piece of protective plastic that almost resembles a decoration. The best part is that you can hang it anywhere it might be needed, such as in front of a reception desk or the exam room at a doctor’s office.

Guards for School Desks

While plastic counter guards have their place in grocery stores, pharmacies and restaurants, they’re also helpful in schools. Schools all across the country have struggled with the decision to bring children and teens back for in-person learning. In the quest to keep students safe, educators have gotten quite creative. Placing sneeze guards on student desks is an excellent way to protect the kids and their teachers. In some instances, schools make the choice to enclose school desks with plastic barriers, just to ensure full safety.

Barriers for Cubicles

Office spaces can benefit from plastic sneeze barriers, too. Like schools and college campuses, businesses are still trying to decide whether to bring employees back to the office, and whether they can keep their employees safe if they do so. Plastic partitions offer a successful solution. In offices that are set up as cubicles, sneeze guards can further separate employees. They allow employees to stand up and speak to each other without the need to wear face masks while at their desks. They further provide safety to anyone who needs to walk around the office space.

Sneeze Guard Pods

In libraries, park spaces, and concert venues, clear plastic sneeze guards can come in handy. With concert venues and movie theatres, as well as libraries and other public spaces, plastic guards can create pods. These clear guards allow small groups to remain safely separated in areas where they might otherwise be closely crowded together. There is potential here for opening up venues that have been closed or inaccessible. The promise of allowing groups to gather together without coming into close contact with each other is a surefire way to stay protected.

Plastic counter guards aren’t the only option. Talk to Polymershapes about the type of clear plastic sneeze guards that would work best in your space-we’re happy to work through the design process with you.

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