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5 Uses for Sneeze Guards in the Food Service Industry

By March 4, 2021 No Comments
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Sneeze guards on tables are unsung heroes – allowing you to sit and eat a meal in comfort and safety, even under the current circumstances of the pandemic. Many restaurants have been forced to close for various health and safety concerns, but installing sneeze guards on self-service food areas may help some reopen. Learn more about the many uses for sneeze guards in the foodservice industry.

Shielding the Buffet

Using sneeze guards for tables in the food industry is essential to protect customers and staff. Shielding the buffet is also necessary to protect the food from airborne pathogens that fly about during bouts of coughing and sneezing. Not only do they protect the buffet, but sneeze guards will shield plates and utensils from germs, as well. It’s a new world, and this should become our “new normal.”

Covering the Cash Register

Not only is it necessary to use sneeze guards on self-service food areas, but cash registers should also be protected. Can you imagine how many people stand in line to pay for their food? And how many hands touch the counters while they wait to complete a transaction? Using sneeze guards in front of the cash register keeps the server and the guests safe because it allows them to keep a distance, and there’s no exchange of germs. With people still placing food orders to-go, they’ll also feel more comfortable when picking up their orders.

In Front of the Host

A sneeze guard in front of the host is essential, too. The host is the first person the guests will see when they enter the establishment. As soon as they see the steps you’ve taken to keep them safe, their whole experience will be better. Once your host has taken them to their seat, they’ll notice you’ve installed sneeze guards on the tables, and once again, they’ll feel a sense of comfort and safety. These steps are crucial during this global pandemic. Everything you can do to maintain a healthy environment for your staff and guests is of utmost importance for your success.

Protecting the Diners

Using sneeze guards for foodservice is the first line of defense in protecting your diners. Many restaurants with sit-down seating have gone as far as installing them on their booths and tables to create safer areas between patrons. Your patrons will return more often when they see how far you’ve gone to protect them.

At the Bar

Maintain safety for the patrons seated at the bar with the use of sneeze guards on self-service food areas. This will ensure that the bartender, servers, and guests are protected from anyone coughing or sneezing around them. Since most people tend to sit at the bar for a while, these are useful tools for preventing the spread of germs.

Whether you need sneeze guards for the tables, the bar, or the host station, Polymershapes can help you to keep your establishment safe from the spread of germs. Your staff and your guests will thank you for your consideration.

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