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Why Acrylic Sneeze Guards are the Best for Businesses

By February 11, 2021 No Comments
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An acrylic sneeze guard is a useful and necessary addition to the many businesses that still require in-person interaction during the pandemic. In fact, an acrylic sneeze guard is often just the addition that’s needed to keep both employees and patrons safe during these times.

If you work with the public, sneeze guards are one of the most effective ways to keep everyone adequately protected. While sneeze guards have long been a must-have for restaurants, bakeries, food trucks, and grocery stores; now, practically all businesses can benefit from them.  Specifically, sneeze guards in acrylic are a popular choice because of their strength and versatility. Let’s talk about why an acrylic guard is the right choice for your business – whatever it may be.

Easy to Form

One of the top reasons to choose a sneeze guard with acrylic materials is due to how easy it is to form. Acrylic is a thermoplastic, which means that you can heat it and mold it into nearly any shape you need. That allows us to craft a sneeze guard that fits your specifications, no matter where you want it to go. It also gives you the freedom to select the exact size that you need. The ability to tailor the acrylic guard to your specifications makes it an excellent pick.

Total Clarity

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If you interact directly with customers in your job, you know that small touches can make a big difference. When patrons can see the employees they’re talking to face-to-face, it creates a more personal bond and a greater sense of trust, but in the current climate, face-to-face meetings have to be carefully arranged. Part of providing top-notch customer service is ensuring that your employees and patrons remain as safe and healthy as possible while still making a personal connection. With a material as brilliant and translucent as glass, acrylic sneeze guards can help foment these types of customer connections in a safe manner, allowing customers and employees to see each other clearly while keeping a protective barrier between them.

Light but Durable

Clarity isn’t the only benefit that acrylic sneeze guards have. Acrylic is also extremely durable, providing another level of safety, and is also incredibly lightweight, making installation a breeze. The fact that it’s not heavy but can still resist impact makes it the plastic of choice for many businesses. That advantage may be good for your business, as well.

Helpful Coatings

If you want your acrylic sneeze guards to remain as clear as possible, then simply take advantage of the different coating types that can be applied to them. For example, scratch-resistant coatings are a popular addition to acrylic, as they’ll ensure that your guards remain brilliant and appear to be brand-new while resisting obvious scratches. There are also anti-fog coatings, which can be especially helpful if you foresee people’s breath fogging up on the guard.

An Affordable Material

Choosing a sneeze guard with acrylic plastic is a wise decision in terms of your bottom line. Typically, acrylic is more affordable than other types of plastic, and because they’re durable and resistant to impacts and scratches, you’ll rarely have to worry about replacing damaged sneeze guards, either. For resilient, long-lasting, and cost-effective sneeze guards, acrylic materials are the best choice.

At Polymershapes, we know that you want to keep your customers and employees safe, healthy, and happy, and we’re here to help to make that happen. If you would like to talk to us about your sneeze guard or protective product needs, schedule an appointment today! We’ll walk you through the design and fabrication process so that you understand exactly what kind of high-quality service you receive when you choose Polymershapes.

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