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5 Advantages of Laser Cutting Over Other Plastic Cutting Methods

By May 12, 2020 August 26th, 2020 No Comments
a sheet of cut plastic

Laser cutting plastic is more beneficial and economical than other methods. It’s the top choice if you care about your budget, if you need to get your project accomplished quickly, or if you have a large order of identical parts or pieces. Find out why Polymershapes prefers to use a laser to cut Plexiglass, plastic, and other materials.

Accurate and Precise Results

Fabricating plastic via laser cut produces accurate results. Each cut is precise, which is what you want with any project. Some lasers offer accuracy within 0.003 mm. The benefits of that are far-reaching, as you’ll see.
Because the laser used in cutting and fabrication is small, it’s capable of an impressive level of precision. Rather than slicing through the plastic, the laser melts it. Whatever it touches, it evaporates. That ensures smooth edges, as well. Bear in mind that lasers can create any shape, whether you need sharp edges or rounded curves.

Low Energy Consumption

Using a laser to cut Plexiglass and plastic doesn’t use nearly as much energy as other cutting means. Lasers don’t have as many parts, especially in comparison to die cutters and presses. Most laser cutters use about 10 kilowatts of energy, which is substantially less than, say, a turret punch. It doesn’t cost as much to use, which is better for the fabricator and the customer.

Less Waste

The process of laser cutting plastic leads to less waste, which is good news for everyone. Fabricators can utilize most of the plastic sheeting, which naturally results in less waste. Because the laser doesn’t damage the plastic, either, the fabricators don’t have to deal with entire sheets of plastic or Plexiglass getting tossed to the side. The best part is that this is true even when it comes to thin sheets of plastic or other materials. Lasers can stick to tight tolerances, allowing them to make the most of the entire surface area.

Quick Turnaround

Low lead times and quick turnarounds make laser cutting Plexiglass and plastic the preferred method of fabrication. Using a laser allows us to complete your job as quickly as possible, a bonus that we can offer even if your project is just for a limited run. Fast turnaround saves money through the entire process since your fabricator can pass on the savings to you.

Identical Design Replicas

identical plastic seatsThe nature of laser cutting means that creating identical replicas is a breeze. Typically, computer applications and programs guide the laser. That leaves little room for error, particularly human error. Programming the laser to create a series of identical shapes and pieces is simple, which also reduces waste.
Reap the benefits of laser cut plastic with your next project. You can call Polymershapes to get a quote after talking about what you need from us.

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