Polyamide imide, otherwise known as PAI, is a versatile plastic that’s easy to fabricate into an assortment of shapes and sizes. As the name implies, PAI is a thermoplastic material that is imidized. It boasts a continuous-use temperature range that goes up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Polymershapes has all of the information you need on polyamide plastic and how it can be of use to you, so let’s delve into the benefits and possible applications.

Advantages of PAI

Probably polyamide imide’s greatest advantage is that it is resistant to high temperatures, which increases its durability. At Polymershapes, you can find bearing grade PAI, electrical grade PAI, and static dissipative grade PAI. We also have filled grades of both carbon and glass available.

Common Applications for PAI

Polyamide plastics are beneficial in several applications. Nearly anything you may need to build or manufacture can make use of PAI. Consider using PAI in bearings and bushings. It will last longer than metal because it’s lighter and won’t corrode. It’s ideal in automotive applications for numerous vehicles, including cars and buses. PAI can create gaskets and seals, as well as valves and fittings. Polymershapes can fabricate your PAI parts to your exact specifications.

Since PAI is a plastic, it resists wear and tear better than metal and leaves a smaller carbon footprint. You won’t have to worry about replacement parts as often, but when replacements are necessary, they’re less expensive to create.

Learn more about the advantages and possibilities of polyamide imide plastic when you talk to the team at Polymershapes. Let us know what parts you need to fabricate and we can take it from there.