Polycarbonate plastic (PC), is one of the toughest thermoplastics out there. It’s impact-resistant, heat-resistant (with a continuous use temperature range as high as 265°F), and virtually unbreakable even when under constant stress.

This durable polymer is also known for maintaining its color and integrity over time, making it a suitable option for general-purpose use as well as on aircraft and heavy equipment. It’s commonly used for window glazing, golf cart windshields, machine guards, and point-of-purchase displays. With 20 times the strength of acrylic and 200 times the strength of glass, it’s one thermoplastic that won’t let you down.

Consider just a few of the other important polycarbonate plastic properties:

  • Lightweight compared to glass 
  • Printable (print your custom logos and graphics) 
  • 3D-printable 
  • Machine-friendly
  • Machine-bendable  
  • Moisture-resistant 
  • Formable 
  • Low-friction 
  • FDA-compliant (depending on grade)

We offer machine-grade PC in sheets, tubes, and rods from SABIC. Their LEXAN™ polycarbonate plastic is as tough as it gets while offering a lower carbon footprint than your standard thermoplastic.

You can order standard sheet sizes, or we can fabricate polycarbonate materials according to your needs. We use state-of-the-art machinery to deliver superior plastic sheets and other materials in less time and at a competitive rate.

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