When you need something that’s strong, rigid, and easy to process, high-impact polystyrene (HIP) should top your list. The thermoplastic works well in heat applications with lower temperatures. As an amorphous material with a low heat threshold, it thermoforms with ease, making it an incredibly versatile material, as well. The best use for high-impact polystyrene plastic is as signage. If you need to create a display, an advertisement, a mall kiosk, or a tradeshow booth, then Polymershapes can supply you with the perfect plastic materials.

The Biggest Advantages of Using HIP

Despite being lightweight, high-impact polystyrene has impressive impact strength and excellent stability. The material is also versatile. Along with thermoforming effortlessly, it also lends itself well to printing and accepts a variety of inks. It’s just as versatile when it comes to fabrication. Polymershapes can die-cut it, cut it via guillotine, form it, and punch it, depending on your requirements. Better yet, once you’re done with your HIP signage, you can recycle it.

Common Applications for HIP

Due to its traits, high-impact polystyrene plastic is well-suited for an array of displays and signage. You can come up with eye-catching POP displays using the material, which is available in custom colors, as well as black, white, and natural hues. Polymershapes offers different textures, too, allowing you to choose between a matte finish or a smooth surface. HIP is an obvious favorite for printing graphics. It can even be the perfect choice for creating a prototype, making it a hit in the tooling industry.

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