Q: What does plastic fabrication mean?

A: Plastic fabrication involves the manipulation and shaping of plastic sheets, rods, and tubes. Polymershapes can shape plastic for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and fabricators for any reason, whether you need a specialized part for a conveyor or a specific stage design.

Q: What can plastic fabrication be used for?

A: Practically speaking, plastic fabrication is useful in dozens of applications.

These are just some of the uses Polymershapes fabricates specialized plastic parts for:

Q: What if I have a high volume of plastic pieces that need shaping and/or a tight deadline?

A: For high-volume jobs and fast turnaround times, Polymershapers offers CNC/Laser processing at many of our facilities. CNC, or Computerized Numeric Control, production saws allow us to stack numerous sheets of plastic and shape all of them at the same time. The laser cutting offers tight tolerances and precision, but the job goes quickly due to our ability to stack multiple pieces of plastic. This method not only optimizes turnaround time, but also reduces waste and cuts costs.

Inquire about the possibility of engraving, laser cutting, and routing. For your project, we can make use of our computerized panel saws and other pieces of top-of-the-line equipment.

Q: What happens during the thermoforming process?

A: Thermoforming is a state-of-the-art method that, in essence, allows us to heat up a sheet of plastic, making it pliable and easy to mold. It’s a bit like vacuum forming.

We heat the plastic sheet in question until it reaches a malleable state. From there, we stretch it over the correct mold with the help of a vacuum. This method of plastic fabrication is helpful with the creation of prototypes and other samples. It’s a speedy way to create similar parts with exquisite details.

Thin-gauge thermoforming is ideal for small plastic pieces, such as blister packs, containers, disposable cups, and various other industries. Thick-gauge thermoforming is well-suited to automobile parts, such as doors, dashboards, fridge liners, plastic panels, and similar pieces.

Q: How could CAD Design & Programming work for my company?

A: Computer-aided design (CAD) and programming is the use of advanced programs to design high-quality 3D shapes. We use CAD design and programming to ensure the smallest measurement of the part we will be crafting for you is precise and optimized.

The precision involved in the computerized design process ensures your product can be fabricated quickly and efficiently to exacting specifications. We ensure the correct design of the parts you need using a mixture of CAD design and programming, choosing the right materials, and top-of-the-line fabrication.